Jilliane Yawney is a narrative coach who empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to share their Core Stories™. A TEDx speaker coach and founder of A Narrative Approach, Jilliane has worked with Shark Tank winners, board game creators, and multi-national real estate managers to change lives and grow brands.

For twenty years, Jilliane has supported over 1000 people in the transformative art of storytelling. Jilliane frequently shares her story and offers her expertise on radio & podcasts including CBC Radio, the Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast, and The Fast Track Entrepreneur Podcast. She is thrilled to be guest Megan Lockhart’s Hello Life Academy Podcast.  Jilliane’s own Origin Story was published in Worn Fashion Journal.

During her career in non-profit and management, Jilliane applied storytelling to strategic communications, confidence building, and sales. Jilliane has an Associates degree and BFA in performing arts and she wrote her Master’s thesis on the role of storytelling in education. She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her partner and their two cats.