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Reed Ferber

“Jilliane, quite simply, is an outstanding coach. She helped me craft my TEDxYYC talk over several months and each time we met the message became more focused and clear. I couldn’t have done it without her. I highly recommend Jilliane to anyone, especially scientific leaders, as she can help you every step of the way to develop your message and sharpen your delivery.”

Reed Ferber, Professor
Faculties of Kinesiology, Nursing,
Cumming School of Medicine,
University of Calgary

Francois Bouchart,

“Jilliane created a learning environment for me to explore and experiment, and build my storytelling skills. I went from someone capable of delivering a presentation, to crafting a story that elicits a connection with my audience.”

Francois Bouchart, Director,
City of Calgary, Water Utility

Ann Bui

“Your understanding of my goals, perceptive suggestions, and coaching strategies
provided me with lifelong vocal skills that have positively impacted my professional
and personal life. I wish I had known about vocal coaching much earlier in my career.”

Ann Bui, Risk Management Lead,
Gilead Sciences, Inc.


Hey, there!
I’m Jilliane Yawney.

Former Home movie child star, Poetry Reciter Extraordinaire, Small-Town Theatre Kid
Present: Vocal Empowerment Coach and Consultant
And here are all my letters: MLIS, BFA, ATCL

I’ve been performing from the time I was a tiny tott. From homemade movies with my parent’s giant VHS camera, to poetry recitals and performance competitions, I was a drama kid through and through.

As an adult, I found a career in librarianship. I was motivated to become a librarian because of my love for storytelling, specifically, spoken story. You could say libraries were another path to the stage for me. But it wasn’t enough to fill my performer’s cup, so by day, I managed a team of librarians and by night I taught speech and dramatic arts at Mount Royal University while also producing one of the largest story slams in Canada.

What did I learn? The gap between the communication skills of performance artists and everyday professionals is too vast. While my library employees were brilliant problem solvers and innovators, their ideas rarely left our four walls.

Speaking is a catalyst. The ability to speak clearly, and eloquently express your ideas gives you a distinct advantage in every area of your life.

What do I do now?

While my library employees were brilliant problem solvers and innovators,

their ideas rarely left our four walls.

I bridge the gap between the performing arts and corporate professionalism to help the world’s brightest leaders become the biggest influencers.

Jilliane Yawney is a vocal empowerment consultant and coach committed to helping the world’s brightest leaders expand their influence through the spoken word. Her expertise bridges the gap between performing arts and corporate professionalism. Jilliane has been coaching performers and speakers of all stripes for over twenty years, helping over 1,000 people expand their influence and achieve their goals with the power of their voice.
Jilliane is a former TEDx speaker coach, the founder of one of the largest story slams in Canada, and a former member of the Speech Arts and Drama Faculty at Mount Royal University.


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