Get Your Story Straight

Leaders like you scale their impact and their sales
with the right stories

Is this you?

  • You need this TED Talk, podcast, launch, book tour, email funnel, or webinar you have coming up to get results. There’s no more time for getting lost in the woods.
  • You’re good at what you do and you offer huge value, but dang, communicating it is hard. There is a deeper, more important message there and you can’t seem to articulate it.
  • The stories you’ve been telling to date aren’t strategically chosen and don’t tie in properly to the key messaging of your business … and that’s when you even remember to
    tell them. You’ve sometimes glazed over how influential stories could be on a prospect’s perception of you and your business.
  • You really need to get your message out, to be seen as an authority. If you don’t pull it together a bit, you fear you’re never going to achieve the level of success you’ve been
    working so hard for.

What if instead…

  • You had the RIGHT story (or stories) lined up for this specific purpose you have in mind … and a story strategy in place that would do the heavy lifting of attracting more clients and helping close bigger deals.
  • You had someone’s help connecting the dots and putting your message together in a way that will grab people by the hearts (after all, open hearts open wallets).
  • You had a clear way to articulate your message that is compelling and authoritative.
  • Your next engagement helps you build a personal brand so powerful, your reputation precedes you.

Yes, you can have this!

 Get your own private story coach working on your project

Personalized “Story Strategy” 1:1
with Jilliane

This is about what YOU need. Your story strategy.
Maybe you need the story for your webinar. The story sequence for your funnel. The 1:1 preparation for your TED talk. Whatever it is, I’m here to help.
I have developed a formalized process for teasing out storylines and coding the information you’ll share. It is fun for you and labor intensive for me … and the resulting stories we’ll co-create speak for themselves.
My private clients always have major breakthroughs because of the dots that are connected through my coding and through the way I reflect their stories back to them.

During our time together we will:

  • Clearly define the deliverables of your project
  • Dig deep on your life and stories
  • Craft and finalize your own fit-for-purpose Story Strategy

Expert instruction on storytelling, storycrafting, brand messaging, performance, or all of the above … our time together can be exactly what you need it to be.

Mandy Barbee Lanier

When Jilliane and I started working together, I had so much inside of me that was worthy of being shared, and it was such a point of frustration to me that I couldn’t express freely and consistently:  I had already worked through the blocks of fear around simply publishing content, and my entire life / business schedule was lining up to support my vital creative expression.  What I realized was two things:  I had not healed my relationship with my own story, and I did not have clarity on why the stories mattered, and how to ensure I told them in a way that is relevant to others. Working with a professional as compassionate, talented, and expert as Jilliane has allowed me to move through both of these issues, and I am currently publishing episode 1 of my podcast – a podcast which had not yet been conceived of when Jilliane and I met! – and it’s a story which I am very proud to tell.  Thank you Jilliane for all you do and for who you are!  Your work is a huge gift!

~ Mandy Barbee Lanier, founder of Palladium Mind


Sarah Ancalmo-Ashman

After being burned before it was tough for me to find someone who I trusted to actually bring value to the table. After talking with Jilliane it was clear she was not just a knowledgeable force in the work she does but she has compassion and integrity.  I came to work with her after already having many stories together. I signed up for her to help me weave my stories together in a way that would come to life and make sense. She has been the key to getting me out of my own way and actually putting pen to paper and pulling together some of the complex ideas in my story. She created a visual for me that made sense and had an amazing way of breaking it down. Sometimes my creative mind needs some grounding and she brought that in a major way. In a world where there are frauds and people who are more than willing to take more than they give, Jilliane is a massive breath of fresh air and worth every single penny, if not more. I highly recommend her.

~Rebecca Hamilton, founder of She’s Unoffendable

Sarah Ashman

“Jilliane has a rare gift of being able to help you to peel back layers of who you are in order to unearth the deep messages within and help you to weave those together into a beautiful narrative that is yours and yours only.”  


– Sarah Ashman,  Brand Strategist + Business Catalyst, Founder Public Persona Studio

Josepha Vanderstoop

Jilliane’s wealth of expertise and experience helped The City of Calgary Water Utility leverage storytelling to support building trust and value with customers. She provided a structure and an approach that helped people who were completely new to storytelling see that our everyday experiences can be translated to help customers connect with the services we provide. Her facilitation skills and ability to support learning in the virtual world are second-to-none. Based on our experience, engaging Jilliane is a valuable investment to strengthen connection with customers for any organization.

~ Josepha Vanderstoop, Leader, Customer Experience, Water Utility – The City of Calgary 

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Note: I work with a limited number of 1:1 clients to provide premium service. Currently booking new clients and large projects into July 2021. Request a call to secure your preferred dates and timelines.