Story Slam WORKS

Stories about work. No pitching! No bitching!

Our next event is happening online on

October 7 at 7pm MST

Want to hear tales from some seriously talented, trained storytellers, or maybe sharpen your proverbial storytelling sword?

What is Story Slam Works?

Going strong since 2019, Story Slam Works is a storytelling competition.

At Story Slam Works we hear the hilarious, the heart-breaking, the thoughtful, and the ridiculous stories related to the daily, bread-winning grind. Our expert judges take careful notes and announce the winner at the end.

Over the years many amazing storytellers have taken the stage at Story Slam Works. We’ve had Shark Tank Winners, board game designers, coaches, costume designers, paramedics – you name it – each one has shared a small piece of themselves with the audience. Audiences of Story Slam Works events receive many tiny gifts each time they come.

Who is this event for?

This event is well-suited for:

  • People who love listening to and telling stories, and the performing arts
  • Professionals building a career
  • Entrepreneurs building a brand
  • Leaders listening for what it means to tell a story about work

Why does Story Slam WORKS rock?

A space for authentic communication around work is sorely needed

The world needs somewhere where the veneer, shine and pressure is OFF. Let’s just be human about it for a minute, shall we?!

Listening to and sharing life experiences helps us understand our humanity a little better, communicate more authentically, and grow community. There is no better way to foster mutual understanding than by connecting through the immediate, authentic and honest art of a story.

This is a safe space that allows anyone the opportunity to build some confidence in their communication skills (we have a clear process to make it happen together!), and it is loads of fun.

You’re gonna love it.

When and Where does Story Slam WORKS happen?

Story Slam WORKS happens 5 times per year or every-other-month (minus the summer).

It takes place on Thursday nights. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first in line to get event announcements.

Story Slam WORKS is an online event so you can attend from the comfort of your living room and even in your jammies if you like. The best part about it happening online is the connections this makes possible. We have storytellers and story-listeners from all over the world. Some of our attendees get up in the middle of the night to attend, because Story Slam WORKS is not recorded. We keep it live to keep it real and keep it safe for our storytellers. You gotta be there to be part of it.

Meet the Founder

Meet the founder of Story Slam WORKS, Jilliane Yawney.

Jilliane has never not been involved in storytelling, and she has actively devoted herself to the craft for the past 20 years.

Jilliane is a storyteller (obvs), librarian and speech arts instructor. This expert narrative navigator has an Associates of Speech and Dramatic Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on theatre, and a Master’s of Library and Information Studies. During her Master’s degree, Jilliane wrote a thesis exploring how storytelling can be used as a teaching tool.

She has a unique combination of skills and training: between her formal performance education, speech and voice focused training, educational and design practice, and substantial experience both as a teller and as a teacher… we challenge you to find a more qualified story guru!

Jilliane is also the founder of Story Power, where she empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to tell their story with her Core 7 Stories for Business model. In fact, the storytellers you hear at Story Slam Works are part of the Story Power program.

The “tale teacher’s” head is full of hilarious, sad, gut-wrenching and incredible stories from the thousands of storytellers she has put onstage over the years. And her heart is full of thanks, because she feels these stories have made her a better person.

But in a phrase? Jilliane knows a thing or two about stories.

Where do these storytellers get their skills?

Story Slam Works storytellers are part of the Story Power program. Yup, there’s a whole program designed to turn you into an amazing storyteller and put you onstage. Read about it here. After all, we all have stories and your story matters too.