When the story hits a fork in the road, you decide which path to take. The ending will depend on your decisions. At the end, you will get a personalized profile to help you craft your story.

All eyes are on you:

You’ve taken the stage for some much-deserved time in the spotlight. But as any public speaker knows, it isn’t necessarily a walk in the park.

What happens next in the story?

It all depends on the choices you make. When the story hits a fork in the road, you get to decide which path to take.

The ending will always be different depending on your decisions.
The low titter and hum of many voices drifts to where you stand backstage behind thick, red curtains. You hold a set of hand-written cue cards. They are beginning to feel damp in your sweaty hands. You give yourself a little pep talk.

“You’ve got this! You’ve got this!” You take a deep breath and think, “I am a badass business owner and leader. I am ready to be a big deal: to be on stages, to be consistent with my brand, to create swarms of adoring fans who love me and what I stand for … and I know the way to do that is to scale and connect with more people. That’s why I’m here, presenting my expertise at this event. If I get this right, it has the potential to majorly help my business.”

You exhale a shaky breath and hear your heels clicking as you walk onto the stage. The stage lights blind you and you peer into the crowd looking for friendly faces. Ack! They’re not friendly — they’re expectant.

You approach the microphone and open your mouth to speak. Then …

If you turn green, run off stage, and lose your lunch in a garbage can, turn to
If your sense of charisma and personality get you through the presentation, turn to