Craft your


How would it feel if you had a collection of stories that fully represented you, your business and your brand?

Introducing Your Story Matters: The Guidebook.

I get calls all the time from people who say things like:

“I want to pitch myself to podcasts, but I don’t know what I would say!”

“I was asked to speak at this event, but I’m not sure what my talk should be about.”

“I’m not sure which story to tell.”

“What’s my origin story?”

I work with business owners like you to craft and tell stories with confidence.

Because the right stories combined with the courage to make them heard results in big confidence, big visibility, big impact.

Your story matters.

It matters to your audience.

It matters to your business.

It matters to your brand.

It matters to you and your success.

My past client, Jeane Dunlop, sent me this message.

I’m being interviewed on the radio tomorrow for my business and I’m going to share my Values and Vision for the Future stories.  I’m so glad to have them in my back pocket.

and the next day:


“It went well! I told 2 of my stories and apparently there were about 88,000 views! The producer of the show asked if I want to have a weekly TV show.”

The Core 7 Stories for Business™ are designed to paint a clear picture of your brand.

When know your Core 7 Stories for Business™ you’ll be unstoppable.

Want to talk at my event?
Heck yes!
Hey, it’s time for that IG live.
In the bag.
Can you finish your About page.
Done and done.
Your webinar is next week.
Sure, nbd.


These stories will allow you to convey the urgency of your mission, attract (and repel) the right (and wrong) people, illustrate what it’s like to work with you, and more.

The person behind The Core 7 Stories for Business™:

Hi! I’m Jilliane Yawney and I’m a Story Coach for leaders and business owners. I have an Associates of Speech and Dramatic Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on theater, and a Master’s of Library and Information Studies. I managed teams and libraries for 13 years before becoming a full-time Story Coach.

Since becoming a story coach I’ve worked with the likes of Shark Tank winners, board game creators, and multinational real estate managers to change lives and grow brands. My favourite thing, though, is building story communities. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you get onstage and rock it. I love watching the way your story builds bridges (and your business!) and grows your confidence.

Core 7 Stories for Business™ Guide

When you tell the right stories, you attract more clients, make a splash with your message, and are seen as an authority.