“I get it. Sometimes what you really need is an expert working with you one on one to dive deep on your specific project or issues. In that case, I can work with you on what I call a personalized “Story Strategy.”

It would be a COMPLETELY bespoke experience based on you and your needs, and we would define the deliverables together.

But one thing we do for sure is an in-depth examination of your life and your stories. We do this so that we unearth the patterns to support the perfect stories for the purpose. Together we co-craft the stories. Then we make sure those stories feel amazing to tell. The bottom line is it’s about what YOU need. Your story strategy.”

 “Oh my gosh, YES,” you sigh. “I don’t have the time to figure this out, and I could really use my own private story guide to just make the problem go away.”

The two of you link arms and walk out of the auditorium, knowing that the best stories are yet to come.