“I know it’s time to talk, Jilliane, but I don’t have any stories.”

“Oh, sweet friend. I’m happy to inform you that you are so wrong about that,” Jilliane chortles. “You sure do have a story, because EVERYONE—literally everyone!—does. I am an expert storyteller and Story Coach, and it is my forte to help you tease out those storylines.”

You think for a moment. “Alright, well maybe I do,” you acquiesce. “Especially if you can help. But I would have no idea which ones were the right ones to tell.”

Jilliane looks at you knowingly, with a sparkle in her eye. “My magic superpower is my ability to synthesize and connect the dots. When I hear your stories, I hear themes and story shape and can help you piece your stories together in a way that feels GOOD. You don’t have to have all the answers now.”

Jilliane is confident. But you look at her and say, “Even knowing all this, I’m still not ready to tell stories.”

“Why not?” Jilliane asks.

If you tell Jilliane you don’t have an eloquent bone in your body
If you tell Jilliane your area of expertise is boring