“Thank you very much,” you say, as you conclude your speech.

You hear a few polite claps. Through the glare of the stage lights you see several people looking at their phones, and one guy examining something he extracted from his nose. Disappointment fills your gut as you walk offstage.

“You shared some super valuable stuff up there!” A woman in a yellow dress approaches you as you gather your things.

“I’m glad you think so,” you tell her. “I don’t feel that good about how it went. I don’t think I really reached the audience. I have a feeling I’m missing something.”

 “Would you like to talk about it?” the woman asks. You nod.

“I’m Jilliane, by the way. I’m a Story Coach for business owners, creator of The Core 7 Stories for Business, and a master storyteller. Lots of people know what you know, teach what you teach, offer what you offer. The difference is none of them are YOU. If you find a way to offer more ‘you’ up there, that would get people’s attention … and nothing is more you than your stories.

What do you think would help you most right now?”

If you tell Jilliane your area of expertise is boring and you have to find a way to jazz it up
If you turn green, run off stage, andIf you tell Jilliane you have a really specific “thing” you need help with (like promoting your book, creating a story strategy for a launch sequence, or getting ready for a TED Talk), lose your lunch in a garbage can, turn to