“Totally makes sense. How do you teach people to do this?” you ask.

“I’ve created a group program called Story Power. It’s for women business leaders like you, because telling your stories helps you to elevate your authority status, motivate your listeners to action, and speak with confidence and competence … and that’s just for a start.

The program is designed to create energizing experiences where ideas will spark and you will feel powerful and connected … because that’s what stories do. Most of my clients have breakthroughs when they craft and share their stories because they discover how capable they are or because they connect with their audience in a transformative way or because they have an aha moment when crafting their own story.”

 “I want to know even more about Story Power!” you cry.

“The ladies will love you!” Jilliane declares.

The two of you descend the steps from the stage, knowing that the best stories are yet to come.