Hi, I’m Jilliane Yawney.

I’m a Story Coach for business owners and creator of The Core 7 Stories for Business™.

I have a story to tell you. Go on, give it a watch.

My origin story

Here’s the punchline:

One story in one moment put my life on a completely different trajectory.

Becoming a storyteller changed everything for me. It gave me confidence. It formed the foundation of my sense of self. And I built more achievements on that success.

That is the power of story.

This is why I believe that for every story told, a listener’s life is changed. Not just because of that one moment, but because my entire life has been filled with the proof of it ever since. So I know it will impact your life and business this way too.


Why Jilliane?

I’m a storyteller (obvs), librarian, and speech arts instructor.

I have an Associates of Speech and Dramatic Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on theater, and a Master’s of Library and Information Studies. During my master’s degree, I wrote a thesis exploring how storytelling can be used as a teaching tool. I managed teams and libraries for 13 years before becoming a full-time Story Coach.

I have a unique combination of skills and training between my formal performance education, speech- and voice-focused training, teaching and facilitation practice, and very substantial experience both as a teller and as a coach.

I’ve taught storytelling everywhere from university classrooms to corporate boardrooms to TEDx speaker groups.

My favorite thing, though, is building story communities. I’m the founder and host of Calgary Story Slam: a storytelling community I built in my hometown that has provided a platform for hundreds of storytellers since 2012. It was creating this platform and seeing the transformation it made in people’s lives that inspired me to create Story Power.

I have other qualifications, too … but suffice it to say I love stories

My pitch

(a.k.a. What sets my services apart)

Picking, crafting, and delivering the right stories can be like putting together a tent with those endless poles — it can be overwhelming and difficult.

With me, you get story-based performance coaching from a storytelling expert who is a supportive community-building leader … I make it fun and WAY easier. 

I do this with expert instruction on storytelling, storycrafting, brand messaging, AND performance.

But my real magic superpower is my ability to synthesize and connect the dots. When I hear your stories, I hear themes and story shape and can help you piece your stories together in a way that feels GOOD.

Just don’t ask me for help with the literal tent. That was only a simile.

I can’t wait to work with you. Let’s get you heard.

“You take people like me and give us the opportunity to take our broken voices and make them strong. You fill the cracks and holes with confidence and a sense of purpose and you reinforce the idea that every story matters. You are amazing!! Thank you for providing the reinforcement I needed to tell my stories!!”

– Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart retired RCMP officer, writer and speaker

Show me ways to work with Jilliane

My values

Here’s what’s most important to me, above all else, in the way I live my life and run my business.

   I create space for creative self-expression. I believe self expression supports happiness and human connection.

I believe learning and growth is best achieved through a positive, supportive approach.

I give recognition to any and all stories.

I strive to foster and create beauty in all that I do – and that means helping you tell your story. 

My vision of the future

My vision for the future is for every person to be able to tell their story with power. This is a bold statement. There are layered and complex problems that hold many of us back. 

I’m committed to making consistent efforts to create a more equal world where all people will have a confident voice and an audience that hears and respects them.  

My company is a monthly donor to YW (a charity that fights domestic violence). I choose to donate monthly because this is the most impactful way to support charities because it provides stable funding. Fighting domestic violence is an imperative for me. It silences a large group of people, and tragically, it took the life of my cousin, Celeste. 

Know that when you find your Story Power with my company, you’re not just becoming a kick-ass storyteller: you’re making a real difference in the life of a woman who needs help, too. 

Ready to unleash your Story Power?

Professional bio

(the one that’s all fancy
and third person and whatnot)

Jilliane Yawney has helped over 1,000 people get onstage to share their story. She is a Story Coach and the creator of the Core 7 Stories for Business™ framework. Jilliane has worked with the likes of Shark Tank winners, board game creators, and multinational real estate managers to change lives and grow brands.

Jilliane’s undergrad and graduate degrees both focused on storytelling, and her thesis work explored the motivational power of story. She has been working as a storyteller and Story Coach for 20 years and is committed to helping individuals and teams grow their confidence and communication skills with story.

At the Heart of it

According to Jilliane …


Let’s have a conversation about what you need, how I can help, and see if I’m the right coach for you. No sales pitch, cross my heart.

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